About Us


I love photography, but I have always felt there was a better way to tell the story and make the audience to feel the atmosphere and emotions as they happened. My first hand-camcorder and iMovie helped me do my first steps in world of video in 2007. Ever since my passion for storytelling and video grew day by day. Either it is your wedding day or promotional video I do want to help you describe how you feel about it.

I am using the latest filming equipment as motion stabilisers, jib crane, sliders and hexacopter together with pro camcorders with highest low light sensitivity and lenses for crisp clear image in full HD and also 4K cinematic look.
Do not worry if you plan your event abroad as travelling is together with filming my biggest passion and I have experience filming in many european and exotic locations.
Under water, aerial, indoor or outdoor? No limits to get the beautiful shots for you ;)